Williams Lake Cycling Club upgrades the Snakes and Ladders trail

Snakes and Ladders map
This map highlights the sections of biking trails profesionally maintained in the Spring of 2020

The Williams Lake Cycling Club was successful in their 2019 application to the Williams Lake Community Forest Granting Program. The grant was originally intended to cover costs for providing a shuttle service for riders utilizing the Westsyde trail network in the Flat Rock Block of the Community Forest.


Unfortunately, Covid-19 and the new normal of social distancing have made providing the shuttling service impossible for the club this year.

The awarded funds have been re-purposed for professional upgrades and enhancements to the Snakes and Ladders trail and technical features.

An epic technical trail feature on the Snakes & Ladders biking trail.
An infamous sky berm
“Snakes and Ladders is a highlight/feature trail for Williams lake and the cycling club.  It was built 6 years ago and hasn’t really seen any work done to to it since.  It was a serious investment at the time for the club, and like any investment it needs to be looked after.”
Snakes and Ladders map
This map highlights the sections of biking trails professionally maintained in the Spring of 2020
The work done this year on the downhill portion was really important.  Over time with erosion and bike traffic sections of the trail were falling apart.  Berms were becoming non existent, landings had big holes in them, and in general mother nature was reclaiming her land.  So by going in there this year and doing mainly dirt work it really did bring  life back to the trail.”

Jeremy Stowards of Jer-Can Construction


Although the trail networks in the area already benefit from regular maintenance from local volunteers, Snakes & Ladders’ heavy traffic, steep slopes and many wooden features meant its safety and ride quality could benefit from some professional trail maintenance.

Above – the “Before” of the same “After” location below on Snakes & Ladders


Other “After” pics:

For more information about cycling in the Cariboo, follow this link.

To download a printable version of the map above, save this PDF file.

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