The forests around us are great teachers. Gavin Lake Forest Education Society.

Williams Lake Community Forest is proud to sponsor the grade 6 program at Gavin Lake where students can attend Gavin Lake Camp with their classmates for no charge. The popular Grade 6 program at Gavin Lake provides educational modules on sustainable forest management, forest ecology, and freshwater ecosystems with outdoor recreation activities. Experienced teachers and local forestry industry professionals teach the modules over 3 days. Students leave camp with a new appreciation of the recreational, economic and scientific learning opportunities provided by the forests around us. The fall camp continues to be Gavin Lakes strongest and longest running programs thanks to the WLCF granting program their financial support.


“These camp programs would not be possible without the generous financial support from donors, including the Williams Lake Community Forest. During the Forest Discovery walks, students had the opportunity to learn about the value of forests for recreation, sustainability, and local economies. They are eager to learn about the local community forest surrounding Williams Lake. We even had groups that were lucky enough to learn about community forests from professionals who help to manage the Williams Lake Community Forest. We feel that nearly all the students and adults, especially those that live in the Williams Lake area had the opportunity to see the value in forests and learn how similar values come from their local WLCF blocks. In honor of the ongoing support we have received from the WLCF over the past few years, we have posted signs in our cookhouse. We also think the students say it best and encourage teachers and classrooms to send out thank-you cards to acknowledge the support that keeps this program free for them. The program has been running and growing for 30 years and we hope to continue to provide opportunities for forest education and recreation to local students.” Mike Tudor, Gavin Lake Forest Camp Manager.

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