The Big Lake Community Association made some exciting upgrades to their Big Lake Hall this year thanks to generous support from:

A projector screen was installed in the stage area, and a juke-box type sound system and projector were purchased.   Neighborhood movie-nights can now be held, not to mention dance parties.

The new projector, sound system and screen

Original Plywood barricades at the Big Lake Hall kitchen

Rollaway shuttered barriers installed at the Big Lake Hall




New lightweight and strong roll-away doors were installed to protect the kitchen from rogue sporting equipment while the awkward and heavy plywood barriers were removed.

The sign hung at the hall thanking the project sponsors






A new sign has been installed at the entrance to the facility to acknowledge the donors and remind patrons to care for their enhanced facility in the years to come.

Hall booking inquiries can be made through the hall caretaker Peggy via 250-243-0024.

The acknowledgement sign