The Adventures of the snowshoes~ Chilcotin Road Elementary

The Snowshoe Project aimed to enhance students’ mental wellness through immersive explorations in natural forest environments across various local forests within the Williams Lake community. The grade three/four class actively participated in multiple snowshoe expeditions, exploring school neighbourhood trails, Bull Mountain trails, Williams Lake Community Forest and the Gavin Lake Forest Education Centre’s trails.

During a local neighbourhood snowshoe trail, students learned to harvest medicinal resources from trees to create a salve back in the classroom. They also discovered the joy of a sit spot, enabling them to connect with nature after a fulfilling hike. On one of their initial snowshoe hikes, students covered a distance of 4.4 kilometres using the Winger Road trails.

The second excursion took place at Bull Mountain, guided by Martin Kruus. Martin actively engaged students, facilitating learning about the diverse trees in the forest during our adventure. Students accomplished an impressive 13.7 kilometres of snowshoeing on this day.

At Gavin Lake Education Centre, Joe, a UBC expert, guided the students to explore the Likely forest areas, comparing tree species from previous trips to other forests.

The grade three/four class participated in weekly field trips, alternating between cross-country skiing and snowshoeing. This initiative raised awareness within the Chilcotin Road school community, enabling other classes to benefit from sixteen snowshoes acquired through the WLCF Community Granting Program. The school now has complete classroom sets for intermediate and primary students.

Click on link below to see photos of the adventures of the snowshoes:


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