Scout Island Nature Centre

2019 Grade 7 Earth Challenge

Between April 1st and 12th, grade 7 classes from Columneetza School came to Scout Island to participate in lessons and activities to prepare them for the April 18th.

Earth Challenge. At the Nature Centre classroom, students learned about the four terrestrial ecosystems found in the Cariboo-Chilcotin: dry forest, wet forest, alpine-subalpine and grasslands as well as aquatic ecosystems. They learned about plants and animals found the ecosystems, ecological relationships between biotic (living) and abiotic (non-living) components, and some of the threats to both ecosystems and individual species. Highlights for the students included playing the ‘Ecosystem Tag” game, in which they learned about relationships between producers, consumers and decomposers, as well as getting outside to go dipping for aquatic invertebrates and go for a nature hike to the east end of Scout Island. Busses for students to come to Scout Island were paid for by the Woodlot Education Society. A generous grant from the Williams Lake Community Forest supported the costs of the Scout Island Educators that provided the program.

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