Invasive Species Council of BC – School Visits

The Invasive Species Council of BC visited Horsefly and Likely Elementary Schools in late May 2019, and students learned about invasive species that are particularly harmful to forestry.  They also learned about the importance of preventing the spread of invasive ‘bullies’ to community areas and how “Play Clean Go” can play an important role in protecting the Williams Lake Community Forest.

The children played Invader tag illustrating how invasive species can out-compete native species and take over a new area. Students were assigned a species and were given 3 paper clips to represent that species’ resources, and the children run around and tag each other to play rock paper scissors. If the winner is a native species, they get one resource, but if they are invasive they get two resources because they are stronger competitors. As the game progresses, the native species are left with no resources and become invaders to keep depleting native species.  This demonstrates how much stronger invasive species are and how they can choke out native species so need to be stopped.

After the presentation and a few games, students decorated weed warrior gloves to pull the “invasive species bullies” out of their backyards and community green-spaces!

Representatives from the ISCBC told the WLCF “The classes were so engaged and great to work with.”

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