Granting Program Eligibility

Grant Eligible Areas

The WLCF Granting Program’s “defined local area” determines where Granting Money & Bursaries will be allocated.

If you’re not sure whether or not you are “local” to the Williams Lake Community Forest, please examine the attached map.

Community Granting and Bursary – Eligibility Map (October 2019)

Eligible Communities are listed here

The Williams Lake Community Forest’s Shareholders (the City of Williams Lake and the Williams Lake Indian Band) cannot submit proposals.

Potential proponents are encouraged to submit proposals as long as the proponent is within the geographic area, as defined above and displayed on this map.

Proposals are reviewed by the WLCF Standing Committee, which makes recommendations to the WLCF Board of Directors.  The WLCF Managers are not directly involved in assessing bursaries or grant applications.

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