Cataline Grade 5 & 6 students work with tools and wood in class

Mr Kovach's Grade 5-6 class with some of their wood projects and tools obtained through a 2023 WLCF Grant.

Teacher John Kovach applied to the WLCF Granting Program to bring tools and supplies to his students and show them ways to use some of the forest products that are generated locally. He led projects with students in Surrey in his previous district, and watched the students apply their math and design technology skills, gain confidence, and just have fun learning.  Wood working allows younger students to showcase their abilities in new and different  ways and hopefully keeps students  more involved in school.  Coming to the Cariboo where lumber is manufactured, it just made sense to find a way to continue this type of experiential learning here in Williams Lake.

So far this year, the Grade 5/6 class at Cataline has built pencil holders from 2×4’s, is working on a sign, and plans to build a box once they secure more wood.

They’ve spent $1750 of their $2730 grant, and the kids are excited to have some input on their projects.  The class has carpenter squares, hand saws, impact drills and driver bits, tape measures and cases where the tools & supplies can be safely stored when not in use.


In addition to the hands-on learning, the class has also learned to demonstrate their gratitude, creating posters of thanks to the Standing Committee who adjudicates the grant applications.  The tools will remain property of Cataline Elementary and made available future classes, perpetuating the opportunities provided this year as long as materials can be secured.

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