Cross Country Skiing granted to GROW

The GROW (Graduation Routes Other Ways) Parent Advisory Council (PAC) received funds from the Williams Lake Community Forest 2019 Granting Intake for 3 days of cross-country skiing equipment rental and lessons for its students.  The first ski day occurred on January 21st 2020, and judging by the smiles it was a huge success. 

Bull Mtn - GROW - Day 1
The first of 3 Cross Country Skiing Days for GROW / Home-schooled students occurred January 21st at Bull Mountain

GROW is an umbrella school, encompassing k-10 Home Schoolers as well as Skyline Alternate students grades 8-12.  At GROW, the Parent Advisory Council’s purposes are to provide meaningful opportunities for students and to support parents “as teachers”, focusing heavily on outdoor activities and sports.

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