The Cariboo Chilcotin Conservation Society’s Hydrology Trail kiosks and welcome sign have been installed in the WLCF Flatrock Block and are definitely worth taking a look at.  As recipients of the 2018 Fall intake of WLCF Granting Program, the CCCS partnered with the Pacific Salmon Foundation and the WLCF to build a trail, a welcome sign, and 8 informational kiosks along the trail.
CCCS Hydrology Trail Welcome Sign

Bill Lloyd and Roger Hamilton were the workforce handling the sign installations.

Welcome Sign CCCS Hydrology Trail

Cattle on Range in WLCF

Information Sign 1 - CCCS Hydrology Trail

CCCS Hydrology Trail Sign 1

CCCS Hydrology Trail Information Sign

We hope the signs teach users about hydrology and how water should be used responsibly, and we hope the trail enables people to get outside and appreciate the beautiful area we call home.