Grant Reports are due

Finished your project? Be sure to submit on time…..

The final report & financial summary should be stand-alone documents that can easily be understood by someone not-already familiar with the project.

Grant recipients can submit their financial summary and project summary reports at any time prior to November 15th 2023 through the granting email (Grants @ or directly to the Williams Lake Community Forest – care of Consus Management – 177 Yorston Street in Williams Lake BC V2G1G6.

Failure to submit your reports will make your organization ineligible for future funding opportunities from the Williams Lake Community Forest Granting Program.

Grant recipients from prior years have requested report samples to guide them, so the samples below have been made available.

  1. MS Word sample for the final report  or  PDF sample final report structure
  2. Here is an Excel Template you may choose to use for the financial part of the Final Report, alternatively in PDF format to print and fill in.

Early submission is encouraged if your project is completed.


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