Documents & Plans

The application for a Community Forest becomes part of the agreement with the Province, and in this way, the commitments made in the application live on. On March 7, 2014, the applicants received word that the final application was approved.

The Management Plan was submitted with the application and also lives on until change is required.

A Working Plan is the next step in developing a strategic direction for the community forest. It is neither approved by or enforced by government, but it will lay out the strategies to be used on the Community Forest.

Please follow the links to review the:

Final Application

Final Management Plan (3 MB)

Business Plan (2013)

pdf presentation about Draft Forest Stewardship Plan

Forest Stewardship Plan  (approved October 2015)

2016 WLCF Annual Report (April 2017)

Maps of Working Circles (themes of forest management): Flat Rock  Potato Mountain

Contractor Qualification Form pdf  Word