Scholarships & Bursaries

About the Williams Lake Community Forests Scholarships and Bursaries Program

A portion of annual profits are set aside to be re-invested into the the community, through the Community Granting Program, which includes funds for Bursaries & Scholarships.  2019 grads were the first to receive these funds.

For 2019, there were 6 x $500 bursaries awarded during the June 2019 Graduation Ceremonies.

School District 27 applications were due February 14th 2019, and Maranatha & The Cariboo Adventist Academy applications were due April 15th 2019.

It is anticipated that the WLCF will provide a similar number of bursaries in the 2019-2020 School Year.  Please check back to this website and ask your school about bursary application requirements, deadlines etc.


For School District 27 Bursary information, please click here:

Grad 2019 – Lake City Secondary School

For Independent School Bursary information, please click here:

Grad 2019 – Maranatha Christian School


Here is some information about some of the 2019 Bursary recipients:

Ben Tudor:  In the fall I’ll be attending UBC in Vancouver, where I’ll be studying general sciences in the hope of finding a clear direction to pursue. I’m really looking forward to the contrast a big city will offer, but will doubtless be returning to my home at Gavin Lake to recuperate whenever I can.


Gabrielle Pierce: I will be traveling to Australia and New Zealand this fall to participate in some humanitarian work before attending University of Guelph in the fall of 2020. I plan on WOOFing for a couple of months in order to experience all that the rest of the world has to offer before returning home in the summer to spread my new found knowledge to our own community.

2019 Applicants

We anticipate opening up the application window for WLCF Grants again in mid October, 2019

Check back later this year for 2019 info

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