Forest Stewardship Plan Maps for Review:

  1. Overview Map

  2. Biodiversity and Recreation Objective Map

  3. Wildlife and Riparian Objective Map

The FSP review and comment period is from January 11th to March 14th, 2022.

Please submit the following form if you’re interested in working for the WLCF:

Contractor Qualification Form (2019) PDF   Word

Annual Reports / Community Meeting Summaries:

2019 WLCF Annual Report / Virtual Community Meeting PowerPoint (Fall 2020)

2018 WLCF Annual Report / Community Meeting PowerPoint (Winter 2020)

2017 WLCF Annual Report / Community Meeting PowerPoint (Fall 2018)

2016 WLCF Annual Report / Community Meeting PowerPoint (Fall 2017)

Please follow the links below to review these Historical Documents, as they remain relevant today:

The Community Forest Application becomes part of the agreement with the Province, and in this way, the commitments made in the application live on.  On March 7, 2014, the applicants received word that the final application was approved. The Management Plan was submitted with the application and also lives on until change is required.  A Working Plan is the next step in developing a strategic direction for the community forest. It is neither approved by or enforced by government, but it will lay out the strategies to be used on the Community Forest.

Final Application (August 2013)

Final Management Plan (2013)

Consolidated Strategic Direction (2014)

Revised Application (September 2015)

Forest Stewardship Plan (approved October 2015)

Letter announcing acceptance of the FSP (October 2015)