The partners have appointed a volunteer Board of Directors to operate the Community Forest through WL Community Forest LP. Current Board members are:  Ann Louie, John Walker & Ken Day representing the Williams Lake First Nation, and Tammy Tugnum, Vitali Kozubenko and Bridgitte Pinchbeck representing the City of Williams Lake. The current Board has appointed Hugh Flinton and Kent Watson of C & P Management Group as Managers.

Bridgitte Pinchbeck

Bridgitte Pinchbeck joined the WLCF Board in the Fall of 2020.

Ken Day

Ken Day is a consulting forester in Williams Lake, B.C.  In 2018, he retired from his position of Manager of the UBC Alex Fraser Research Forest after 31 years.  Prior to his time at UBC, Ken worked for various consultants and sawmills in the Okanagan Valley.  Ken has been a Registered Professional Forester since 1982, and in 1998 he received his Master of Forestry from UBC, focusing on the management of uneven-aged Douglas-fir in the IDF.  Ken is married, and has a daughter, a son, and two grandchildren.  Ken joined the WLCF Board in the Fall of 2020.
Ann Louie is a member of the Board of Directors for the Williams Lake Community Forest

Ann Louie

Ann was chief for the Williams Lake Indian Band (WLIB) for 10 years, and served a further 6 years on Council.  She was directly involved in securing the Community Forest Partnership with the City of Williams Lake, and remained involved until she retired from the Band in 2018.  She has 25 years experience of working with the provincial government, has held numerous positions with the WLIB and sits on a variety of boards.  Ann joined the WLCF Board in 2019.
Vitali Kozubekno is a member of the Board of Directors for the Williams Lake Community Forest

Vitali Kozubenko

Vitali is a Chief Financial Officer of the City of Williams Lake and has more than 20 years of experience in finance, audit and risk management.  Vitali joined the WLCF Board in 2019 and, in addition to financial skills, he brings to the board private company, international and consulting experience.

Tom Alphonse

Tom started falling trees in 1979 in the BC interior and through the years he has also worked along the BC coast from Vancouver to Prince Rupert and the Queen Charlotte Islands.  Tom also helped the Williams Lake Indian Band to start a logging company and then managed the company for 15 years.  At present, Tom and Karen own and operate a buffalo cow calf herd. Tom and Karen also run Tom Alphonse Contracting, doing small scale salvage logging in the winter,  contracts for trap tree falling, falling danger trees for the BC wildfire service and falling danger trees in the Williams Lake residential areas.  Tom also has expertise in building fence - most recently a wood fence dividing the BC Hydro power line at Bysak Road on Flatrock / Ne Sextine safely avoiding potential arcing from overhead powerlines.  Tom was a Standing Committee Member for several years then moved to the Board of Directors in the Summer of 2023.
Tammy Tugnum is a member of the Board of Directors for the Williams Lake Community Forest

Tammy Tugnum

Tammy joined the WLCF Board in 2018.

We appreciate the contributions made by current and past Board Members immensely.  Former members of the Board include:

John Walker

John Walker served on the WLCF Board from the Fall of 2020 through till the Fall of 2023.  John is a Registered Professional Forester and is the Stewardship Forester for Williams Lake First Nation (WLFN).  John has worked in the forest industry around the Williams Lake area since 1996.  His experience includes consulting, harvesting, fire fighting and business management.  John is impassioned by wildlife and ecosystem management.

Geoff Goodall

City of Williams Lake

Ray Sanders

City of Williams Lake

Daryl Garceau

City of Williams Lake

Brian McNaughton

Williams Lake First Nation

Brian Carruthers

City of Williams Lake

Leah Hartley

City of Williams Lake

Steve Capling

Williams Lake First Nation Steve was a Registered Professional Forester with over 40 years' experience in the forest industry in and around Williams Lake.  Steve was on the WLCF Board since 2016 and held the position of Chair until his sudden passing in the Spring of 2020.

Gabe Pukacz

Williams Lake First Nation

Byron Louie

Williams Lake First Nation Byron was involved with the WLCF since its inception in 2011 and was on the WLCF Board until the Fall of 2020.  Byron was a member of the Williams Lake First Nation, with 3 sons, 6 siblings and many nieces and nephews. Byron has worked in the bush with his Dad, for Sugar Cane Wood Products, and Borland Creek Logging. He also had his Class 1 and drove logging trucks. Byron attended Crescent Heights, Columneetza, WLJS, and TRU in Kamloops.

Tom Foley

City of Williams Lake Tom is a Registered Professional Forester, with experience as a small business owner and more than 20 years in the community of Williams Lake.  He is passionate about the outdoors, enjoying hiking, kayaking, and birding.  Tom was on the WLCF Board from 2013 until 2020 and most recently held the position of Treasurer.