The Williams Lake Community Forest is a 50/50 partnership established in 2014 between the Williams Lake First Nation and City of Williams Lake.

The WLCF Annual Allowable Cut (AAC) is 40,000 m3.  The over-arching Management Intent is to sustainably manage the Community Forest and operate a viable forestry business where revenues generated from forest operations support the implementation of Management Goals.

The Community Forest consists of two parcels which together cover 288 square kilometers (28,840 hectares).

NeSextsine (Flat Rock) Block is 5900 hectares and is immediately west of the city of Williams Lake.  The parcel is bounded on its west by the Fraser River, and in the north by the Williams Lake River.  The south and eastern boundaries are more complex, and roughly include Highway 20, the southern portion of the BC Hydro Right-of Way, and the Hodgson Road, Birch Lane and Woodland Drive subdivisions.

The northern boundary of the WLCF Flatrock block and the Hydro Right-of-Way which serves as a Fuel Break protecting the City from forest fire by enabling fire suppression opportunities.



Image taken of WLCF’s Flatrock parcel, looking at the western boundary of Flatrock which is the Fraser River.
Image of the eastern edge of the WLCF's Flatrock parcel, looking on with the City and Williams Lake in the background.
Image of the eastern edge of the WLCF’s Flatrock parcel, looking on with the City and Williams Lake in the background.

The Peskwenkwinem (Potato Mountain) Block is located east of Williams Lake and south of Big Lake Ranch. This area is 22900 ha and lies between the Likely Road (from Skulow Lake to Big Lake Ranch) on the western edge, Big Lake, Beaver Creek and the Beaver Valley Road along the northern boundary, Gravel Creek and the Horsefly Road on the west, the Horsefly Road again along the southern edge to just north of Miocene, and cutting across crown land back to the Likely Road.

For both blocks, pre-existing private lands are excluded from the WLCF’s area-based-tenure.


A scenic view from the Potato Mountain parcel of the WLCF