Community Granting

February 27, 2019

Community Granting 2018 Results

  • The very first Williams Lake Community Forest Granting Application process was very popular. 32 applications were submitted, with requests for grants totalling $141,664.98 for projects worth over $505,000.
  • In January 2019, the WLCF Standing Committee recommended that the WLCF Board of Directors award $23,500 to 9 organizations.
  • We are in the process of finalizing funding contributions and contracts with these 9 successful grant applicants from the Fall 2018 application process. Stay tuned for formal announcements and additional details about these exciting projects.
  • We anticipate opening up the application window for WLCF Grants again in mid October, 2019.
  • Applications for that round will be due at the end of November, 2019 for projects to be completed between February 2020 and early-December 2020.

Scholarships and Bursaries.

  • For 2019, there will be up to 5 WLCF Bursaries awarded to School District 27 graduates valued at $500 each. These will be announced June 2019 at Grad and are being organized through the School District 27 Williams Lake Scholarship Committee.  Please contact Jeannette Gobolos at WLSS if you have questions on that application process (applications were due February 14th 2019).
  • Additionally for 2019, there will be 1 WLCF Bursary awarded to graduates of Williams Lake’s independent Schools (Maranatha & The Cariboo Adventist Academy). Applications for this bursary are due into your school by April 15th
    • Application forms are available from your school, or here:


September 15, 2018

Williams Lake Community Forests Granting Program

The Williams Lake Community Forest is launching a new Community Granting program. This annual program is aimed at providing support and enhancements for neighbouring communities and residents of the two blocks that make up the Community Forest.

The WLCF Community Granting Program aims to disperse funds to help strengthen the rural communities across the defined local area of the Community Forest (see below for more details).

Who is Eligible for the Community Grants:

  1. Registered charities, non- profit and/or community organizations such as 4H, community associations, Parent Advisory Councils, etc. in the defined ‘local area’
  2. Defined local area is CRD Areas D, E and F and the City of Williams Lake.
  3. Youth- applying for bursaries through SD #27.
  4. Projects submitted by WLCF Partners (City of Williams Lake & the Williams Lake Indian Band) or for those projects normally within the mandate of a partner or the WL Community Forest are not eligible for funding

What is the Timeline for Grants?

  1. November 2, 2018 – Call for proposals
  2. December 3, 2018- Proposals due
  3. January 31, 2019 – Successful applicants will be notified.

What are the Granting Levels?

  1. Generally grants will be between $500 and $5000
  2. An extraordinary grant of up to $10,000 may be provided in rare situations
  3. Grants will typically be for 1 year, but may be granted for up to 3 years, if there are distinct deliverables for each year

How to apply?

 There are two levels of applications required. All applications to be sent to  or mailed to 233 Yorston Street, Williams Lake, BC. V2G 1G9.

Application Form-Click here- (Word document)

Application Form- Click here- (PDF)

Budget Template –Click here- (Excel Document)

Budget Template- Click here- (PDF)

or pick up paper application packages at 233 Yorston Street Williams Lake, BC (M-F 8am-5pm)